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Learn keyboarding skills while playing.

It's without a doubt that practice makes perfect particularly if there is any typing involved. Professionals in report writing, content creation, blogging and authors spend a lot of their time behind a keyboard. This implies that, the faster they type, the faster they can complete their tasks. So, how do you learn to type faster?


The best way to learn fast is through the use of free typing games like the desert typing racer. Nonetheless, you must master the location of your fingers and hand. Here's how;


Step 1: Place both palms of your hand on the keyboard. Make sure you are comfortable. All fingers except the thumbs should be positioned on the home row (this refers to the second row containing the letters ASDFGHJK and L). The thumbs should be set on the space bar.


Step 2: Set the index finger of your left hand on the 'F' button while that of the other hand should sit on the 'J' button. All the remaining fingers on respective hands are set on adjacent letters. For instance, the middle finger of the left hand sits on 'D' while that of the right hand sits on 'K'. This, is the standard (home) position of your hands on the keyboard.


Step 3: Concentrate on the layout of the keyboard. Most free typing games should help you learn this. Try to say out the letters you type so that in due time your brain maps them. After a lot of practice, you should be able to type fast without even looking at the keyboard.



Please note that without enough practice, you wont be able to learn how to type fast. They are thousands of people who don't follow the standard layout and typing position yet they type pretty fast. What's the secret? Lots of practice. Want to be a pro? Follow these tips;


Tip 1: Make a daily routine of typing at least 300 words every day on Microsoft Word, Notepad or any word processor you use on your PC or Tablet. For a start, you can write a page of your favorite book or a story on the day's newspaper.


Tip 2: Download free typing games online. These are perfect for practice and tend to reduce the boredom associated with repetitive action. In fact, they make typing fun and interesting. With consistent use, you'll be surprised to notice that you are soon typing with lighting-fast speed.


How do download free typing games

1. Go to your PC or tablet's default browser.

2. Type in 'Free typing games' and check out the displayed results.

3. Click on your preferred choice for details of the games as well as a link to download it on the PC or tablet.

4. Install the game and you should be good to go

5. Play games, take lessons then tests and check out how high you rank on the global leader-board. This can be checked online and gauges how good you are faring on.


these approaches should be good enough to transform you into a typing guru. With good typing skills, you should be better equipped to run your responsibilities if they involve writing or transcription.